Today we’re sharing the best tips for your outdoor wedding and all the things you need to know! 

1. We can’t stress this first and most important one enough. Have a plan B! While rain is considered a sign of good luck for your wedding day anything more than a little sprinkle can be an issue (for you, your dress, your guests, and your decor). Don’t wait until last minute to put a plan into motion, if your venue doesn’t offer an indoor option, put down a deposit on a tent just in case. 

2. Lighting… During the daylight, you get all the benefit of having beautiful scenery provided to you free by Mother Nature. But once it gets dark, the stars are not enough to light up your event. Consider your lighting options to create a warm and romantic setting after the sun sets. Candles, votives, uplights, string lighting, lanterns…etc there are so many options! 

3. Keep your guests in mind. Weather is the biggest factor to consider with outdoor weddings and events! You want to help your guest warm up, cool down, or try and stay dry. If slight rain is a possibility help keep your guest dry by having umbrellas on hand! If its a warm day a fan might not only help cool you down, but keep the bugs away too. For a crisp cool night elegant pashminas or throws placed on the chairs add for a cozy touch. 

4. Don’t forget about extra cost! At first consideration, outdoor ceremonies can seem less expensive because nature designs it for you. But, keep in mind you are creating a venue from scratch.   Are there on-site restrooms? Will you need valet parking or is there a lot of free parking on the street? Will you need generators for lighting and the band? Keep your caterer and other vendors in mind also, and stick to a menu that is seasonal and is accommodating for the outdoors. And…don’t forget about the tent, just in case (did we mention yet this was the most important point? ;)).

If you’re still in, after considering these ideas…great! Outdoor weddings truly are the most beautiful in my mind. But we think it’s important to have all the facts, before you decide. Now that you’ve decided to move forward, let us help you design it! We can’t wait to hear your vision!


Mai and Bri Photography  | Laura Stone Photography