Today it’s all about bridesmaid floral style! We love how the times are changing and allowing for more unique looks and styles for your bridal party. Simple detail twists such as wearing the same color, but different dresses; or choosing a color and letting your bridesmaids choose any shade of that color; or even mixing colors…there are so many things you can do now to make your bridal party look special, while you still stand out. But you don’t just have to do that with dress, you can use the bridesmaid bouquet as well. Here are four tips:

  1. Switch the Shades: So the bridal bouquet can stand out, we sometime suggest that you have your bridesmaids carry bouquets using opposite shades of your bouquet! For example if our bride wants a bright and bold bouquet, we create a more subtle bouquet for our bridesmaids by using paler toned flowers. Or if our bride wants all white, we will suggest color for the bridesmaids.
  2. Color Block: If you are having a colorful wedding, and your bridesmaids are wearing different colors, you can have them each carry a monotoned bouquet using one of the colors (each bridesmaid different). You can carry a mix of them all. 
  3. Bigger is Better (but not too big!): Your bouquet should always be bigger than your bridesmaids. But that does not mean yours should be so big that it hides your dress, or your figure. First make sure yours is proportional and then go smaller from there for your bridesmaids. 
  4. Greenery is Great: Don’t forget that greenery is very “in” now. And there are so many different types of beautiful greenery. Brides can now carry the bouquet of flowers, of course with some greenery so it looks natural, and the bridesmaids can carry all-foliage bouquets. It would be so beautiful!!! But if you’re not ok with all-foliage, you could have just a few spotlight flowers in theirs. 

We love helping our brides think of creative ways to choose their bridal party florals. But it all starts with you, the bride, and what you want for yourself. Remember, it’s your day! 


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