Low and Lush Arrangements

 Photography:  Hannah Michelle Photo

There are so many styles and floral combinations that can be created for an event and all of our creations are based on our clients' personal styles. We start with you, the vision of your event and the mood you want to set for your guests. Bright pops of color give a fun and playful mood, while deep burgundies and wine colors can create a moody and romantic setting. The vase is the foundation of each creation and can have a modern look with a geometric vase or a garden look in a vintage mercury glass compote, there are endless possibilities!

These decisions can seem overwhelming, so that's why we help you through the entire process. Holding your hand, we take your vision and create something that is "you," will wow your guests and will exceed your imagination!

 Photography:  Graham Terhune

Photography: Graham Terhune

All Those Little Details Covered

Designing for a wedding doesn't just mean that you have a centerpiece and candles at every table; or making sure the lighting and draping look good with everything (although that is also very important!). But it also means thinking about the small things that help complete your look! The things that give your look a "feel" as well...taking your guests into a world that you want them to experience. This is one of our favorite parts!

When so much goes into the planning process and making sure everything is perfect from menu to vendors to decor, small details can easily be overlooked. But we all know, that when put together, small details create a cohesive style and add special touches that make every inch of your wedding or event jaw dropping to guests.

Check out pictures below of some small details we've added to events to make them extra special and to help complete the look and feel. We can't wait to help you figure out which small details complement and complete your event!

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Photography: Vue Photography

 Photography:  Laura Stone Photo

Photography: Laura Stone Photo

Rooted in Israel

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure and honor of being at one of my best friend's weddings in ISRAEL!!!! On a personal note, Israel is like a second home to me as I have so much family there and learned the ins and outs of floral and event design in that country. So when my best friend said "I'm getting married" I said without hesitation that I would be there, and make some of the personal flowers for a special touch. I've posted some pictures below to show you the fun things I got to make for her.

As a little background on the country's floral industry, it is one of the world's largest floral exporters--exporting flowers such as anemone, lisianthus, wax flower, ranunculus, ruscus, among many others around the world. When I worked there, we really only worked with flowers that were grown in the country...mostly because we knew those flowers could handle the heat. This gave me a fond love and knowledge of the country's flowers.

I knew, when I told my friend that I was doing her bouquet, hair piece and her finance's boutonniere, exactly where I'd go for flowers and exactly what I would use. I was excited to go foraging around the city of Tel Aviv for special greens (especially Olive branch). And I knew I would go to the huk ha-karmel (the carmel market) in Tel Aviv to get her flowers...it's where I used to go to get my flowers when I was taking lessons. 

There's something very special and nostalgic about making a bouquet for your best friend and having the best memories of working weddings in that country flow through your mind at the same time. I dare to say it was Zen (a word I don't usually say if you know me). It was such an honor to make these personals for Diane and Didi; and so fun reliving some special times in my life that brought me to where I am now. Diane was my first friend when I moved to Israel seven years ago and started my new career in floral design. Her support and excitement for me both as a new friend and for my new career was invaluable...so it is only fitting that when she gets married, I go back to where my floral career bloomed and make her special wedding accessories. So with that...Mazal too to Diane and Didi! Thank you for including me in your wedding! xoxo


Fall Color Palette Inspiration


Autumns here and we want to share our take on fall color palettes! We've pulled some of our favorite color palettes we have used in  past events. We all know the typical red, orange, purple and yellow, but Fall is such a fun time to play with all the different shades they bring. We love the burgundies and oranges, but we see them as an opportunity to bring out other brighter tones, such as the purples and fuchsias in the first photo, or the light pinks and peaches in the last. Just because the weathers cooler does't mean your color palettes have to be too! 


Flower Friday | Ranunculus

Ranunculus, one of our most used flowers here at Flowers by Yona, are among our top favorites to incorporate in events for their charm and ability to fuse with a variety of arrangement designs and styles. They also represent radiance and charm...who doesn't want that in their bouquets and boutonnieres?

With their thin and hollow stems these flowers are among the more delicate ones we use, but when handled properly produce amazing results! With such a wide variety of colors and sizes resulting in all shades (except for blue and black), and growth practically year round, ranunculus can be incorporated in any type of event from fall and winter color schemes to those in spring and summer. They can be classic and clean or ruffled and funky, but no matter what, their petals go on for days.....

When purchasing look for blossoms that are beginning to open, but still have petals facing inward cupping the center of the flower. Since these flowers have a vase life of 7-10 days. Make sure to give them fresh water and a fresh cut every other day. And then just sit back and watch them in their petal glory!


Photography: Morning Light & Robin Nathan Photo