About eight years ago, I was in flowers school in Holland at the Boerma Institute studying to get my diploma in Advanced Dutch Floral Design. I remember this one day when I was stuck…had no idea what I wanted to make. We had learned a new technique, but I didn’t know where to start with my design. So I cried a little, took some deep breaths and spoke with my instructor. We were talking about what I like most and what “my style” was. I explained that I love the natural style and want things to look organic and not too contrived, but still have a traditional European look.

The next thing he said to me gave me inspiration that stuck with me throughout flower school and still applies today. He said, “Your thing is going to be sticks!” Sticks?! Brilliant…that was the item that that I needed to get started. Sticks can be branches, bamboo, curly willow, and so many other items. It’s the basis for so many of my recipes and how I start off many designs…using sticks as the base. From that day on, “sticks” became my thing.

Now, as an event and floral designer, and business owner, I have built my brand around a European, natural and organic look… so of course branches are an element I still love to use! There are so many ways to use these pieces, one of our favorite is as a base for structures. If you look closely at our photo above you can see manzanita branches poking out, we used these as the base for their strength and ability to create a flowing structure. Attached with jumping greens and florals it was a whimsical and perfect piece to float above the large bar in Summerour Studio. Curly willow is also another favorite in our studio, its flexibility and airy vibe make it great for poking out of elevated arrangements, a base on ceremony structures, and so many other uses. As spring approaches we can not wait to incorporate flowering branches into our events, and we encourage you to also! 


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