There are so many reasons to love lilac; its texture, beautiful smell, and whispy and romantic appearance are just a few reasons we love incorporating it into events and arrangements. It comes in various shades of white, purple and pink and sometimes even a soft green. Its strong stems make it ideal for arrangements, but can also make it difficult for it to drink water if not cut correctly! The way we ensure our lilac stays fresh is by cutting it at a slant (about 5 cm from the end of the stem) and making sure it drinks plenty of water before using it in our decor.

If you’re using it in your home (which I love to do!) here are 4 tips to make your lilac last longer:
1. Place it in a glass vase, with a fresh cut, and make sure the vase is clean!
2. If it comes with flower food, make sure you follow the instructions on the flower food packet exactly. I personally prefer to change water and give a fresh cut frequently, but the flower food works very well.
3.  Do NOT place the vase in a spot that gets a lot of sun or a drafty spot. 
4. They absorb water fast, so always (every day) check to make sure it has enough water. 

For a video on how these beautiful, traditionally Dutch, flowers are grown and brought to you, Click HERE