I’m sure by now you’ve noticed from our Web site and social media that we LOVE incorporating fun pops of color into our weddings and events…whether they are moody pops, pastel or bright. We sure do love color! But now that it’s officially Summer, we want to share some of our favorite bright florals from past events. And for the color skeptics…maybe this will inspire you to take a leap to incorporating some sort of color.

Sometimes we get the feeling that people are afraid that in 20 years when they look back at their pictures, they will wonder why they included color, and maybe it was “too trendy” of a choice. But don’t be scared…especially if it’s summer. Bright colors are happy and celebratory! And, if you are having a summertime event outdoors, in a rustic-type venue, or even in a white space, bright colors will go beautifully!

I realize it can be tough to an event FULL of bright florals. So we can start slow. One way we do that is by picking one color and going monochrome (using various shades of the same color). Let us help you figure out the right way to add the perfect touch of color to your event!