Designing for a wedding doesn’t just mean that you have a centerpiece and candles at every table; or making sure the lighting and draping look good with everything (although that is also very important!). But it also means thinking about the small things that help complete your look! The things that give your look a “feel” as well…taking your guests into a world that you want them to experience. This is one of our favorite parts!

When so much goes into the planning process and making sure everything is perfect from menu to vendors to decor, small details can easily be overlooked. But we all know, that when put together, small details create a cohesive style and add special touches that make every inch of your wedding or event jaw dropping to guests.

Check out pictures below of some small details we’ve added to events to make them extra special and to help complete the look and feel. We can’t wait to help you figure out which small details complement and complete your event!